How to help unlock Issue 3 online

Each issue of The Recompiler is designed for both print and online releases. This includes our latest, Issue 3, covering games and their development, design, and impact. For this issue, we’d like to try an experiment.

The Recompiler is supported by its readers through subscriptions, sales, and online contributions. Current support has allowed us to break even on the direct costs of each issue (things like paying contributors, printing and shipping orders, costs for running the website). Unfortunately there’s still a gap between that and the level of sustainability we need to keep the magazine running over the next year. Sustainable means that we cover all the other kinds of work and expenses that go into running Recompiler Media, including a living wage for our editor in chief.

Here’s how you can help. We’ll release the online edition of Issue 3 for free, public access when we reach $1500 in new sales and support. Counting from April 1, that means we have about $1200 $350 still to go. This is 12 more supporter-level subscriptions, or six companies buying a subscription set for their offices, or 19 individual subscription sales. It could also be 24 people each contributing $50 directly.

Other ways you can support us: help spread the word! We really like being able to share our content online, where it’s accessible to everyone, and everything before Issue 3 is still free to read. Tell people about a favorite article from a past issue, or share something you like about The Recompiler that might interest them too. Ask your employer if there’s an education budget you can use to buy a subscription for yourself and your coworkers. Tell us where we can donate copies to support community centers and library programs, and connect us with bloggers and podcasters who want a magazine to review.

Recompiler Media turns one year old this month, and we’re excited and grateful for what we’ve been able to build with your help. Help us create an even stronger base to move forward.