What Past Contributors are Working On Now

Recently we asked our past contributors to tell us a little about their latest projects.

Thursday Bram, author of Bad Metaphors and Programming Games on the TI-83 Calculator, is co-chair of this year’s Open Source Bridge conference. She says, “This year, we’re focused on the idea of sustainability, both in terms of what running a community non-profit conference looks like in the long run and what sustainability means for open source projects in general.” The conference is looking for sponsors to cover important expenses like childcare.

Aurelia Moser, who interviewed Sara Chipps in Issue 2, is still enjoying her work at the Mozilla Science Lab. She recently spoke at CSV Conf on geospatial data and CSV files. She also co-organized Space and Science Hack Day New York, which introduced participants to working with data sources like sensors and APIs.

Khairani Barokka, writer of Ramping Up: disabled feminisms and hacking, recently co-edited HEAT: An Anthology of Southeast Asian Urban Writing. She notes it “includes some SFF (not to mention one dark story in which women are appliance-robots!)”. Her upcoming book is titled Indigenous Species.

Zoe Landon, who wrote Two Tokens and a Cat: working with two-factor authentication, has been speaking on business topics for programmers, following the publication of her novel. She’ll be presenting Technology: So easy your lawyer can do it at OSCON later this month.

Photo credit: #WoCinTech Chat