Call for Contributors: hardware

In Issue 5, we’re going to explore hardware. Hardware components are the base layer of every technology stack, and we’ve come a long way from the early days of punch cards and vacuum tubes. There are newer hardware development platforms that enable people with no prior experience to create their own programs that interact with sensors and switches. Advancements in graphic processing and display systems are leading to an explosion of interest in creative areas like electronic art and virtual reality. Personal health and fitness tracking devices bring yet another kind of hardware into our daily lives.

What can you do with a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino? How are circuit boards and chips designed? What’s the impact of hardware design on how software works? How does your server room run? We’re interested in demonstrating entry-level options, exploring the internals of components we take for granted, and learning the tools and skills we need to start hacking away on our own projects.

The Recompiler is especially interested in work from people who are part of under-represented groups in technology.

We pay contributors.

We’re looking for original writing, illustrations, and photography on the issue’s themes, as well as other topics related to working with technology, understanding how it fits into society, or exploring our personal experiences.

Find out more at The deadline to submit is June 26 July 1.

Photo credit: #WOCinTech Chat