Episode 6: Interview with Kat Sweet

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On this week’s episode, Christie interviews Kat Sweet (@thesweetkat). They talk about capture-the-flag competitions, what it’s like coming into infosec from a career in politics, and more.

Show Notes

Capture the Flag games as learning tools

Kat’s article from Issue 3 of this magazine is The Only Winning Move Is to Hack: Playing Capture the Flag to Learn Security.

If you want to try out a CTF from wherever you are, check out one of these CTF practice sites: Hack The Site or Over the Wire. Also visit ctftime.org, a good roundup site for past and upcoming CTFs happening all over the world (both online and in person).

Career-switching from Politics to Infosec

Kat got her first taste of programming via a RailsBridge workshop.

Kate writes about her experiences and some of the advantages of being an latercomer to infosec in Part 1: Education and Part 2: Election Bugaloo.  She says:

“Politics to infosec may seem an odd path, but many others have found ways to connect their past work to their practice of security. If we hope to move forward as an industry, we need to make more of these connections. Security affects everyone in the world, therefore we need to bring in perspectives from all kinds. Homogeneity does not serve us well.”

Learn more about code-switching from NPR or Wikipedia.

Public speaking and dealing with failure

Kat gave her very first talk at BSidesLV about 3D printing sex toys (NSFW).

In a post called Getting Back Up, Kat writes:

“We try to get all of our failures out of the way in a private, controlled environment so that we’ll be flawless by the time we’re presenting in public, but it doesn’t always work that way. The way to build resilience is to fail forward and fail repeatedly until it becomes mundane.”


TiaraCon (@tiarac0n) is a 2-day mini conference for women in infosec and their allies. It will take place during Defcon, August 4-5, 2016.

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