Our legacy systems issues is now online

We now have Issue 4: Legacy systems available to read on our website. Thanks to the sponsors who made this possible: MongoDB — hiring in NYC and Palo Alto!Thorsten Sideb0ard, and Akashic Labs. Want to see your name here for our next issue? Email us at info@recompilermag.com

For this issue, we focus on legacy systems and archival data across several perspectives: as someone with a hard drive full of old files to make sense of; as a maintainer of a long-running FOSS project; as a specialist in data archiving who has to debug a high error rate; as a historian documenting the progress of an institution’s software projects over several decades; and as a programmer approaching a code base they didn’t write. We learn where some of our stereotypes about gender and programming got started. We also have a bit of fun looking at what various technologies were called 20 years ago versus how we name the same things now, and enjoy delightful illustrations from returning contributor Victoria Wang (you may remember the kittens she drew for a previous issue!). One last thing to remember: there’s nothing wrong with old technology, and the people who keep it working. In fact, we depend on it.