Introducing The Responsible Communication Style Guide

We’re excited to announce our first book project! Part of what makes The Recompiler special is the attention and care we put toward writing about the users and creators of technology in a way that’s inclusive and respectful of diverse identities. This is so rewarding, and yet we’ve struggled to find adequate references to follow.

This fall, we’ll be working with Thursday Bram to create a book on inclusive writing and technology, called The Responsible Communication Style Guide: technology and beyond. It’s a big project, and we need your help.

We’ve targeted five key topic areas:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Religion
  • Health and Well-being

Each topic will be covered by experts in the subject area — they’ll document appropriate terminology, demonstrate appropriate usage, and help you understand how to best use this information. To write, edit, and publish this book, we’ve calculated we’ll need to raise about $20,000. We’re launching the Kickstarter today, and between now and September 29 we need your support.

You can pre-order the book in e-book or print formats, or choose other rewards including our first year of magazines. Even a small pledge will help get us closer to that goal: for just $15 you’ll receive the e-book.

There’s one extra-special opportunity here: we’re using this Kickstarter as a way to reprint The Recompiler Issue 1, which has been out of print since last year. This is the only way you’ll be able to order a copy, if you missed out before.

Thank you for helping us continue our mission of inclusion in tech!