Announcing our first section editors for The Responsible Communication Style Guide

We’re pleased to announce the first three four section editors for The Responsible Communication Style Guide!

Heidi Waterhouse is editing the Sexuality section. Heidi has impressive writing credentials from her career as a technical writer, and she also has a wealth of experience writing and speaking about sexuality. Heidi trained as a peer counselor with Planned Parenthood and works as an Our Whole Lives instructor for both high-schoolers and young adults. Heidi is qualified to train other OWL instructors at the regional and national level. She’s spoken on sexuality and gender panels at conferences, as well as coached others in flirting, non-intimidating come-ons, and sexuality negotiation. Heidi notes that she’s received lots of on-the-job training in her own life, including her relationship with her spouse, a non-binary trans person.

Melissa Chavez is editing the Health and Well-Being section (and yes, she’ll be giving us a better name for this section). She has experience with the use of dialectical behavior therapy techniques to change negative behavior patterns. Melissa has spent most of 2016 undergoing cancer treatment and hopes to be deemed cancer-free before 2017. Her career as a writer and editor started at daily and weekly news publications and moved to digital platforms (including so very many wikis). She’s worked with nonprofits on both content and usability. Melissa’s goal in working on The Responsible Communication Style Guide is to improve our understanding of the unseen experiences we each undergo.

Stephanie Morillo is editing the Race section. She’s worked as a writer and editor for over seven years and currently works as a copywriter at a cloud computing company. Stephanie has spoken at numerous tech conferences and is cofounder of the #WOCinTech Chat Initiative (the creator of #WOCinTech Stock Images). She is Dominican-American and is from the Bronx.

Our fourth editor is Ellen Dash. Ellen is based in Pittsburgh. They are the editor-in-chief and a writer at Intari, a publication covering interactions and identity. Ellen is also a software developer at Ruby Together. They’re editing the Gender section.

There’s still time to support this project! Perks include a copy of our out-of-print “Issue 1: beginnings and inspirations” and print and digital editions of the book. We need your help to make this happen. The deadline is September 29.