Episode 13: Autonomous vehicles, iPhone hacking, and more!

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In this week’s episode, Christie and Audrey chat about autonomous vehicles, hacking the iPhone with NAND mirroring, and Sunlight Labs shutting down.

Also, don’t forget to contribute to our Kickstarter for the Responsible Communication Guide, there’s just about 48 hours left to go!

Show Notes

Autonomous Vehicles

iPhone NAND mirroring

Sunlight Foundation / Labs

Community Announcements

The Responsible Communication Style Guide

We’re excited to announce our first book project! Part of what makes The Recompiler special is the attention and care we put toward writing about the users and creators of technology in a way that’s inclusive and respectful of diverse identities. This is so rewarding, and yet we’ve struggled to find adequate references to follow.

This fall, we’ll be working with Thursday Bram to create a book on inclusive writing and technology, called The Responsible Communication Style Guide: technology and beyond. It’s a big project, and we need your help. We’re in the final days of the Kickstarter. Please contribute now if you are able!

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