We’re hosting a pop-up shop!

As part of next week’s Resolution Fest in Portland, OR, The Recompiler will be hosting a feminist zine pop-up shop from 4-7pm on October 6. We’re very excited for this opportunity to meet our readers in person, and share some other exciting zines and creative projects. We’re working in partnership with Microcosm Publishing, a small publisher focusing on social justice and DIY culture. Bring your ideas for a zine of your own — we’ll have supplies ready to go! Please RSVP to confirm you’ve read our code of conduct.

About the participants:

BubbleSort Zines are a monthly zine series filled with stories and hand-drawn art and diagrams. They cover topics like circuits, sorting, memory, and tcp. While designed for high school students, these are popular with readers of all ages.

Microcosm Publishing empowers readers to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them, as a small, charming, and innovative publishing house and distributor.

Recompiler Media publishes The Recompiler, a quarterly technology magazine and weekly podcast. Our goal is to help people learn about technology in a fun, playful way, and highlight a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Sarah Mirk is a multi-media journalist who is currently the online editor of Bitch Media and the host of their feminist podcasts. She also enjoys making zines about the X-Files.

Sticks & Strings creates clever knit hats for introverts.

Amelia Abreu from UX NIGHT SCHOOL will have several decks of cards on hand, including computer punch cards, playing cards, IDEO design cards, catalog cards, and tarot cards. She’ll talk about design, cards as technological systems and the gendered history of computing. And, for the intrepid, she’ll do tarot readings.

We’d love to see you there! Let us know you’re coming.