Learning about operating systems, transitions, and more events to check out

Mandy Moore, also known around the Internets as @therubyrep, is a podcast audio expert, mother of orange tabbies, sucker for bad reality television, and boxed wine connoisseur. She adores her 7-year-old daughter, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and sitting around fire pits while listening to country music. She is a huge advocate for STEM education and women in technology.


The Recurse Center is a really awesome programming retreat in New York City. Issue Seven of Code Words, their quarterly magazine, is available!


Kara Swisher on Tech CEOs’ Persistent Diversity Problem: ‘They’re F**king Lazy’

The quote kinda says it all. Kara Swisher is amazing. She’s been covering the tech industry since the late ’90s and provides some of the best analysis.

intermezzOS: A Teaching Operating System

Slides/notes from a talk by Ashley Williams about using intermezzOS to learn how operating systems work. Heavy anti-gatekeeping perspective on how this is accessible to programmers regardless of their computer science background.

Conference Talk of the Week:

This talk is part of our “Favorite Talks” YouTube Playlist. Check it out and subscribe!

Through learning about transitions in CSS and Jamie’s personal experience, this talk aims to touch on the subjects of trans visibility in tech as well as the importance of allyship and support.

Upcoming Events:

Tech For Justice — FREE!
Saturday, November 5th — Sunday, November 6th: Remote via Slack, Github, and Hackathon.io

Thursday, November 10th — Friday, November 11th: Brighton, UK

Thursday, November 10th — Sunday, November 12th: Cincinnati, Ohio

Monday, November 14th — Friday, November 18th: Washington, DC

The Next Web Momentum Conference(50% off Discount for Tech Ladies! **)
Wednesday, November 16th: Brooklyn, New York

** Tech Ladies connect women with the best job opportunities in tech and connect companies with the best women techmakers. It’s free to join!

Defrag 2016Diversity Scholarships Available!
Wednesday, November 16th – Thursday, November 17th: Broomfield, Colorado

Friday, November 25th – Saturday, November 26th: Florence, Italy

She Geeks Out
Wednesday, November 30th: New York City

Tech the Halls — Early Bird Tickets Available! (Sale ends on November 28th. Save an EXTRA 15% with the code DCWWTTH15)
Thursday, December 8th: Washington, DC

Saturday, December 10th: New York City

Codeland (a CodeNewbie Conference) – Early bird are on sale!
Friday, April 21st — Saturday, April 22nd: New York City

Call For Proposals:

WOOTCONF (Women Of Open Technology) – November 7th deadline to submit
Monday, January 16th, 2017: Wrest Point, Hobart, Australia

DevConf.cz – November 11th deadline to submit
Friday, January 27th – Sunday January 29th 2017: Brno Czech Republic

Midwest PHP – November 15th deadline to submit
Friday, March 17th – Saturday, March 18th, 2017: Bloomington, MN

Sustainable UX – November 30th deadline to submit
Thursday, February 16th, 2017: Online

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