Episode 19: Fog of grief

Direct download link: Episode 19.

This week Audrey and I chat about the election and what a Trump administration means for us and our communities. We talk about the responses of our tech leaders (we’re not thrilled with them). And finally, we discuss what the path ahead looks like and ways we can work together to forge it.

Normally I say, “Enjoy!” at this point, but this week that feels weird.

So I’ll just say, whether or not you listen beyond this point: Black lives matter. Queer lives matter. Trans lives matter. Differently-abled lives matter. We’re going to do everything we can here, with our work at the Recompiler, and beyond, to embody and demonstrate that.

Quick content note: For this week’s episode we didn’t even try not to swear.

Show Notes

Ctrl+Z: Silicon Valley leaders U-turn on Donald Trump | Technology | The Guardian

Christie Koehler on Twitter: “Which of our tech leaders has grit enough to stand up in the face of what’s to come? Let’s find out… #techgrit”

What I learned after 100,000 miles on the road talking to Trump supporters | Society | The Guardian

Home – riseup.net

Playing Sysadmin for my Activist Mates | The Recompiler

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