Gift cards and holiday deadlines

We have gift cards again! Choose from several options from $10 to $100. We also have a gift card meant just for digital subscriptions, and you can order a gift subscription for the print edition by putting the recipient’s name and address in the shipping details. Both kinds of gift subscriptions will start with Issue 5: Hardware.

There’s two new items in the shop this month: a Technology is for Everyone tote bag, and a DNS is Broken mug. These are made to order and will be sent directly from the manufacturer.

Don’t forget about shipping deadlines! To receive your order before Christmas, plan to order by December 15 for print magazines delivered within the US, and November 30 for mugs and bags. International shipping is less predictable, so order as soon as you can and we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Today is also the first day of our holiday countdown, so remember to subscribe!