Call for contributors on security and surveillance

In our first issue of 2017, we’ll be talking about security and surveillance, with a focus on topics that will help people in our quickly-changing digital and political environment. We’re interested in covering this all the way through the stack, from users to hardware.

Here’s some ideas we could cover:

  • email encryption
  • sensitive data storage for activists’ organizations
  • anonymization, data scrubbing, and obfuscating personal records
  • effective ways to remove personal data from a device for recycling/reuse
  • intrusion detection
  • legal rights for digital privacy
  • UX for security tools
  • passwords!

Thanks to all the readers who suggested topics they want to read about.

We look for ideas that will be effective at an advanced beginner to intermediate level of technical knowledge, and that are grounded in the author’s personal experiences. We’re especially interested in work from people who are part of under-represented groups in technology. Contributors are paid.

Find the details and submit your ideas at Submissions are open through January 12, 2017.