Gender in AI and tips for family holiday time

Mandy Moore, also known around the Internets as @therubyrep, is a podcast production expert, mother of orange tabbies, sucker for bad reality television, and boxed wine connoisseur. She adores her 7-year-old daughter, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and sitting around fire pits while listening to country music. She is a huge advocate for STEM education and women in technology.


O’Reilly Media put out a free downloadable adult coloring book of the creatures on its books!

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How artificial intelligence software is reflecting the tech industry’s gender-diversity shortcomings

We can’t snap our fingers to turn the tide of the sea of men in technology and automatically build up women in AI, but organizations can continue to help along with support from parents starting at an early age.

Home for the Holidays? Here’s What to Do While You Can’t Call Your Elected Representatives

Suggestions to help you make your family more politically aware. Prepare yourself for family encounters, have (sometimes difficult) family conversations, and support your family’s tech by helping them install apps and extensions to keep them safe during the difficult times to come.

Game developer Brianna Wu plans to run for Congress

An outspoken advocate for women in the gaming industry, Brianna Wu wants to run for congress in 2018 to tackle and bring awareness to things like online harassment, cyberstalking, and hiring discrimination.

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When burnout rears its ugly head, it affects workplace satisfaction, the way you interact with others, and the way you treat yourself. Loving what you do is important, but taking time for yourself is important as well. Josepha Haden shares how she keeps loving what she does and the things she has done to help others love what they do as well.

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