Episode 23: Congrats, we survived 2016!

Direct download link: Episode 23.

This week Audrey and I review all that the Recompiler accomplished in 2016 and what we’re planning for 2017. We chat about how we’re approaching a new year full of uncertainty, and how we’re figuring out how we can each be a part of bringing resilience and hope to our communities. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Paper planners we like

Recompiler Magazine content from 2016

Looking forward to 2017

Community Announcements

Call for contributors on security and surveillance

In our first issue of 2017, we’ll be talking about security and surveillance, with a focus on topics that will help people in our quickly-changing digital and political environment. We’re interested in covering this all the way through the stack, from users to hardware. Read our announcement for details.

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