Call for Contributors for Issue 8: *

Issue 8 will finish our second year1 of publishing! To celebrate, we’re going to do a wildcard (or *) theme. That means that if there’s something you’ve been waiting to share, this is the right time for it! Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  • how does the internet work?
  • your favorite tools
  • what you wish someone had told you before you started
  • anything else about technology you’d be excited to share!

We look for ideas that will be effective at an advanced beginner to intermediate level of technical knowledge, and that are grounded in the author’s personal experiences. We’re especially interested in work from people who are part of under-represented groups in technology. Contributors are paid.

Find the details and submit your ideas at Submissions are open through April 6.

  1. By year we mean a set of 4 issues. Some of these took a little longer on the calendar :)