Episode 29: Your data is trying to kill you

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This week Audrey and I chat about all the ways the Internet and your data are trying to kill you, including Cloudbleed, SHA-1 collisions, CloudPets, and Amazon S3. tldr; stay away from anything connected to the cloud! Just kidding, kinda…Enjoy!

 Show Notes

CloudFlare / Cloudbleed

Amazon S3 Outage

SHA-1 Collision

Creepy CloudPets

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  • Digital Repositories, Data, and Us by Ann Cooper
  • We Were Always Here: Absences at the Intersection of Identity and Data Collection by Valerie Collins and Nicole Contaxis
  • Exploring an SQL Database by Amy Farrell
  • Data Cleaning: a Necessary Chore by Serena Peruzzo
  • All the News That’s Fit to Sync: on Journalism, Tech, and Open Source Communities by CJ Joulain
  • The 1900 Paris Exposition

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