Here’s how to get a copy of the Style Guide for free

Haven’t pre-ordered your copy of The Responsible Communication Style Guide yet? You’re in luck. We’re editing the work our editors and writers created for the guide and we’ll be laying out the electronic and printed versions of the book shortly.

In the meantime, we’d like to point you toward a few other writing resources — and give you a chance to pick up a copy of The Responsible Communication Style Guide ebook for free. Of course, that means I am going to try to sell you. :)

The Write Life Bundle

I’ve been reading The Write Life since it launched — I’d had the pleasure of writing for the site’s founder, Alexis Grant, on other sites. Every year, Alexis puts together a bundle of books, courses, and other educational materials for writers at a flat rate. This year’s bundle is pretty impressive with ten different books and courses.

The only way that Alexis can get all these different writers and teachers to contribute their work to the bundle is that the sale only lasts three days. On Thursday, April 6, at 11:59 PM EST, this bundle goes away forever.

The whole package is $99, and considering that literally the first course on the list sells for $247 alone, the bundle is a good deal. I want to highlight a few items that have special value to anyone working with technology.

  • Putting your work out there: Whether you’re sharing code on GitHub or writing YA fiction, letting anyone else look at your work can be nerve-wracking. Actually promoting it can be terrifying. But Mridu Khullar Relph’s course helps deal with resistance, self-doubt and other creative blockers.
  • Writing a book: Technical careers tend to get an automatic boost from writing a book, especially if you’re published by a well-known company. Jenny Blake’s book writing series gets you started on writing a book in just five days. You’ll still have to write it, but the whole process goes a lot faster with Jenny’s help.
  • Converting clients: Officially, this bundle is about writing, but it also has some great freelancing advice (whether you’re freelancing as a coder or a writer). Carrie Smith’s client conversion course is a wonderful resource.
  • Freelancing as a blogger: By way of full disclosure, I truly believe you should just buy everything Ali Luke sells. I co-founded a blog with her several years ago and she’s an amazing writer. I picked up plenty of my tricks from Ali and still use them when writing blog posts for tech companies today.

That Bit About a Free Copy of The Responsible Communication Style Guide

The Recompiler does get some money from sales of the Write Life bundle that are made through our link. In fact, it’s about the cost that a copy of The Responsible Communication Style Guide will be after it’s fully launched.

So, we want to give you a free copy of the ebook if you buy through our link. All you need to do is forward a copy of your receipt to after you complete your purchase.

Click here to see the full bundle and make your purchase.