Episode 32: Let me outta this canoe!!

Download: Episode 32.

This week Audrey and I chat about Twitter reply changes and federated social network Mastodon. Enjoy!

Show Notes

What we like on the Internet this week:

Community Announcements

Recompiler Media turns two!

This Saturday, 15 April, Recompiler Media celebrated its second birthday! Audrey writes about our accomplishments so far, including:

However, we’re struggling:

This is not a sustainable level of subscriptions, sales, and reader support. The way things are right now, we won’t be able to continue publishing The Recompiler into year three.

We know we have a lot of enthusiastic readers and listeners, and many of you contribute what you can. Here’s what we need:

  • If you forgot to renew your subscription, please do that! I send out reminders but there is a limited amount of time I can spend on admin tasks and still keep the articles coming.
  • If you’ve been meaning to subscribe: this is the time. We have print and digital options, and we can do invoicing or bundles for schools, libraries, and offices. Email us to discuss.
  • If you have the means to make a recurring contribution or sponsor an issue, this makes a huge difference in our ability to keep things running smoothly.
  • Finally, if you haven’t ordered a copy of the book yet, it will be out soon and it’s a great resource.

We need to bring in about $3000 by the end of the month in order to publish Issue 7 (security) on schedule.

Audrey has pledged the following: for every $500 in new subscriptions, renewals, monthly pledges, and sponsorships, she’ll find something fun to post on our Twitter account.

For my part, I am pledging:

  • For every $500 raised, I’ll record a dramatic reading of a tongue-twister for the podcast. (We’re up to $1588 as I type this, so I’m on the hook for three already. Can you help me it four? Five?)
  • If we exceed the $3k goal by 50% or more, I’ll figure out how to do the readings LIVE.
  • If you pledge $100 or more, I will read any short message of your choosing on the podcast (within reason, subject to our code of conduct).

Thanks for reading this far, and all your enthusiasm and support. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

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