Scholarships, online advertising pet peeves, and documentation as care

There is only one week left to submit your ideas for The Recompiler Issue 9: Hard Problems! Next Wednesday, June 14th, is the deadline.


Apply for the 2017 Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship for LGBTQ Women: They will fund your coding tuition by 50%. Hurry! The deadline is Wednesday, June 14th!

Women in Tech – Apply to become a Facebook Grace Hopper Celebration Scholar! Facebook announced their scholarship program to attend the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. This unique scholarship program gives 50 women excelling in Computer Science the opportunity not only to attend the Celebration, but to spend valuable days before the conference with Facebook engineers learning, collaborating, and preparing for the conference.

Write/Speak/Code Scholarship Application: This conference is offering three types of sponsorships: Women & Non-Binary People of Color,  LGBTQIA, and Parents/Caretakers. They will also be offering a limited number of need based travel stipends. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.

The Full List of 1000 Slack Communities: Bookmark this page! If you love Slack communities as much as I do, this list is everything. (PDF version available!)


FOSS4G Abstract Selection Process: An interesting and visual post about how one conferences chooses its’ speaker selection based on submitted abstracts.

The Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques: As I’m thinking more about advertising my own ventures, I want to do it in the most classy/least spammy way. This is a helpful article that includes what people dislike most about both desktop and mobile ads. Oh, and those retargeting ads: when something you searched for later pops up somewhere else? (I’m looking at you, Facebook.) That. Yeah. Stop doing that.

Acronyms don’t mean sh*t: PMP, CSM, CSPO, ABCD-XYZ? Do certifications really matter? Sarah McCasland laments that using those to prove a person’s value is ridiculous and that experience is what truly matters.


The Recompiler Podcast Episode 036: Maybe Skynet is just malware battling each other: All things WannaCry, Google’s tensor processing units, and Panic’s stolen source code.

Greater Than Code Episode 036: Metaphors and Microservices with Matt Stine: A conversation that starts out about consulting and morphs into a meta-conversation about rigorous communication, ubiquitous language, metaphors, and microservices.

Conference Talk of the Week:

This talk is part of our “Favorite Talks” YouTube Playlist. Check it out and subscribe! 

“Caring Systems: Documentation as care” by Amelia Abreu

“All humans require care. Writing and maintaining documentation is a form of care: good documentation can make us feel cared-for, and we, as writers, can take satisfaction from empathizing with the end users of our work, and performing the caring work of documentation. By exploring and acknowledging the relationship between care, documentation, and technology, I argue, we can better understand and advocate for the value of our work. More so, understanding the importance of care allows us to work better.”

Upcoming Events:

All conferences have been screened and abide by clear and strict Codes of Conduct.

Friday, June 16th: Arlington, VA

O’Reilly’s Fluent Conference: Building a Better Web
Monday, June 19th – Thursday, June 22nd: San Jose, California

O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference: Build Resilient Distributed Systems
Monday, June 19th – Thursday, June 22nd: San Jose, California

Open Source Bridge
Tuesday, June 20th – Friday, June 23rd: Portland OR

We RISE Women in Tech Conference:
Friday, June 23rd – Saturday, June 24th: Atlanta Georgia

Saturday, June 24th: New York City

Joy of Coding:
Friday, June 30th: Rotterdam, Netherlands

PolyConf: The Universe of Programming Languages
Friday, July 7th – Sunday, July 9th: Paris, France

An Event Apart:
Monday, July 10th – Wednesday, July 12th: Washington, D.C.

Thursday, July 13th – Friday, July 14th: Denver, CO

GopherCon: The Largest Go Conference in the World
Wednesday, July 12th – Saturday, July 15th: Denver, CO

Non Binary in Tech:
Saturday, July 29th: London, England

Kansas City Developer Conference:
Thursday, August 3rd – Friday, August 4th: Kansas City, Missouri

PyCon Australia:
Thursday, August 3rd – Tuesday, August 8th: Melbourne, Australia

That Conference: Summer Camp for Geeks:
Monday, August 7th – Wednesday, August 9th: Wisconsin Dells, WI

Thursday, August 10th – Friday, August 11th: Seattle, WA

Deccan RubyConf:
Friday, August 12th: Pune, India

Sunday, August 13th – Friday, August 18th: Spokane, Washington

FOSS4G: International Conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial
Monday, August 14th – Saturday, August 19th: Boston, MA

Wonder Woman Tech
Friday, August 18th – Sunday August 20th: Long Beach, CA

Uptime Conf: by Code & Supply
Thursday, August 24th – Friday, August 25th: Pittsburgh, PA

Wednesday, August 23rd – Saturday, August 26th: Portland, Oregon

An Event Apart:
Monday, August 28th – Wednesday, August 30th: Chicago, IL

Full Stack Fest:
Monday, September 4th – Friday, September 8th: Barcelona, Spain

Pacific Northwest PHP:
Thursday, September 7th – Saturday, September 9th: Seattle, WA

RubyConf: Columbia:
Friday, September 8th – Saturday, September 9th: Medellín, Colombia

Monday, September 18th: Sandy, Utah

Twilio: SIGNAL:
Tuesday, September 19th: London, England

Wednesday, September 22nd – Friday, September 24th: Atlanta, GA

Strange Loop:
Thursday, September 28th – Saturday, September 30th: St. Louis, MO

Friday, September 29th – Saturday, September 30th: Budapest

Saturday, October 7th – Sunday, October 8th: Raleigh, NC

All Things Open:
Monday, October 23rd – Tuesday, October 24th: Raleigh, NC

Monday, October 23rd – Thursday, October 26th: Las Vegas, NV

Sunday, October 29th – Friday, November 3rd: San Francisco, CA

An Event Apart:
Monday, October 30th – Wednesday, November 1st: San Francisco, CA

Monday, November 6th – Friday, November 10th: Malmö, Sweden

An Event Apart:
Monday, December 11th – Wednesday, December 13th: Denver, CO

Call For Proposals:

Tech Inclusion – Apply Anytime!
DevOpsDays Chicago – Closes June 17th (Travel Expenses Covered!)
DevOpsDays Kansas City – Closes June 30th
Elixirocks – Closes June 30th
.NET/FRINGE/(Travel Expense Reimbursement Opportunities!)
DevFest Siberia – Closes July 1st (Travel Expenses Covered!)
GopherCon – Closes July 7th
PyGotham – Closes July 18th
DevOps Days Madison – Closes August 1st
Keep Ruby Weird – Closes August 27th
Wonder Woman Tech: Washington DC: Closes September 15th

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