Last chance to pre-order your copy of The Responsible Communication Style Guide!

The Responsible Communication Style Guide is one last review away from the printer’s inbox. That means that you have just three days left to preorder a copy of the print book. While we are printing more copies than we need to fulfill our Kickstarter rewards, we can’t guarantee when we’ll be able to do another print run. If you prefer hard copy, I strongly encourage you to pre-order.

Pre-order your copy here!


If you prefer ebooks, you’re in luck — we’ll be sending out ebook rewards before print books. Once we finish our final review, you’ll get a download link for the ebook.

We’ve also launched a website for The Responsible Communication Style Guide: The site has additional resources, as well as upcoming training opportunities — even if you’ve memorized everything from our Kickstarter campaign, there’s some new stuff.

Lastly, we got to test out some of our training materials during Open Source Bridge last month. We spent about 90 minutes working on the following techniques:

  • Interviewing people about their identities
  • Editing business communications to make them more inclusive
  • Writing about people in ways that emphasize their humanity
  • Adding style guides to editorial workflows

(We spent an additional five minutes talking about how amazing the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comics are, so consider checking those out too.)

Once we’ve completed fulfilling our Kickstarter rewards (including the onsite training level), we’ll be available for organizational training, including workshops. Let us know if you’re interested in having members of your organization trained to use The Responsible Communication Style Guide.