Picking brains, foregoing severance in order to speak out, and hiring for diversity takes work

I scored a last minute invitation to DevOpsDays DC which takes place Monday and Tuesday! I’m really excited to see my DevOps friends, and I’ll be taking a portable microphone with me to hopefully conduct some on-site interviews! Tweet me if you’re going?

Also, due to a family emergency, there’s still time to pre-order hard copies of The Responsible Communication Style Guide. I made sure to get mine, and I highly, highly encourage you to do the same!


DevOpsDays: Portland is offering 10% off registration for Recompiler supporters, readers and listeners! Use the code RECOMPILERSUPPORTER.

AlterConf NYC is happening again and I will be there with bells on! (No, really. I might wear bells…) and you’ll get to meet a very, very special VIP! Also, the application deadline has been extended until July 17 for speakers, freelancers, and volunteers. Their selection panel noticed that they’re missing talks that focus on income disparities, social implications of tooling, as well as anything representing trans, non-binary, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, religious/ethnic minorities, etc. Remember there is no speaking experience needed and they’re happy to help with your application! They’re also seeking more volunteers!

Have you ever been afraid to approach your employer about sponsoring you to go to a conference? Write/Speak/Code is here to help with this handy template!


No, You Can’t Pick My Brain: This article by LaToya Allen particularly hit home for me. I often get emails asking if people can pick my brain. While I don’t mind giving helpful hints here and there, I do mind being asked to dump my knowledge on people for hours for free. Our time is valuable too.

“If you don’t want to pay for my advice, you don’t want to sponsor events for my community, then no, you can’t pick my brain.” – Latoya Allen

Antisocial Coding: My Year At GitHub: A heartbreaking account of Coraline Ada Ehmke’s treatment during and leading up to her departure with the company.  This blog post has sparked a lot of controversy and conversation via Twitter and has even garnered national attention.


Diversity is Not the Magic Pill: Jessica Kerr writes about while diversity is the goal, it doesn’t magically lead to higher performance. Your innovation climate and communication quality is what matters to make your team better. Hiring diverse people simply to prove that your team is diverse won’t do this for you.


Greater Than Code Episode 038: Category Theory for Normal Humans with Dr. Eugenia Cheng: Dr. Eugenia Cheng joins talks about math, and even more specifically, category theory. Then the panelists discuss changing the terminology around gender to focus on character traits instead.

The Frontside Podcast Episode 074: Mission Driven Businesses with Anissa Willyard: Anissa Willyard of the up and coming app, GiveBack2Schools, talks about mission driven businesses, leaving a legacy, and finding your people.

Conference Talk of the Week:

This talk is part of our “Favorite Talks” YouTube Playlist. Check it out and subscribe! 

“Selling Food With Elixir” by Chris Bell @ ElixirConf 2016

Chris talks about working with a client to build a Phoenix powered API for processing online food orders and delivering them to restaurants.

Upcoming Events:

All conferences have been screened and abide by clear and strict Codes of Conduct.

Code For Good:
Thursday, July 27th – Sunday, July 30th: Portland, OR

Non Binary in Tech:
Saturday, July 29th: London, England

Kansas City Developer Conference:
Thursday, August 3rd – Friday, August 4th: Kansas City, Missouri

PyCon Australia:
Thursday, August 3rd – Tuesday, August 8th: Melbourne, Australia

That Conference: Summer Camp for Geeks:
Monday, August 7th – Wednesday, August 9th: Wisconsin Dells, WI

DevOpsDays: Portland:
Wednesday, August 9th – Thursday, August 10th: Portland OR

Thursday, August 10th – Friday, August 11th: Seattle, WA

Deccan RubyConf:
Friday, August 12th: Pune, India

Sunday, August 13th – Friday, August 18th: Spokane, Washington

FOSS4G: International Conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial
Monday, August 14th – Saturday, August 19th: Boston, MA

Wonder Woman Tech:
Friday, August 18th – Sunday August 20th: Long Beach, CA

AlterConf: New York City:
Sunday, August 20th: New York, NY

Uptime Conf: by Code & Supply
Thursday, August 24th – Friday, August 25th: Pittsburgh, PA

Wednesday, August 23rd – Saturday, August 26th: Portland, Oregon

AlterConf: Austin:
Saturday, August 26th – Austin, TX 

An Event Apart:
Monday, August 28th – Wednesday, August 30th: Chicago, IL

Full Stack Fest:
Monday, September 4th – Friday, September 8th: Barcelona, Spain

try! Swift: NYC:
Tuesday, September 5th – Wednesday, September 6th: New York City, NY

Pacific Northwest PHP:
Thursday, September 7th – Saturday, September 9th: Seattle, WA

RubyConf: Columbia:
Friday, September 8th – Saturday, September 9th: Medellín, Colombia

DevOpsDays: Chicago:
Tuesday, September 12th – Thursday, September 14th: Chicago, IL

Code(Her) Conference:
Friday, September 15th – Saturday, December 16th: Washington, DC

Monday, September 18th: Sandy, Utah

Twilio: SIGNAL:
Tuesday, September 19th: London, England

Wednesday, September 20th – Friday, September 22nd: Atlanta, GA

DevOpsDays: Kansas City:
Thursday, September 21st – Friday, September 22nd: Kansas City, KS

AlterConf: Melbourne:
Saturday, September 23rd: Melbourne, Australia

DevFest Siberia:
Saturday, September 23rd – Sunday, September 24th: Novosibirsk, Siberia

Strange Loop:
Thursday, September 28th – Saturday, September 30th: St. Louis, MO

Friday, September 29th – Saturday, September 30th: Budapest

Saturday, October 7th – Sunday, October 8th: Raleigh, NC

GDG DevFest Ukraine:
Friday, October 13th – Saturday, October 14th: Lviv, Ukraine

All Things Open:
Monday, October 23rd – Tuesday, October 24th: Raleigh, NC

Monday, October 23rd – Thursday, October 26th: Las Vegas, NV

AlterConf: Atlanta:
Saturday, October 28th: Atlanta, GA

Sunday, October 29th – Friday, November 3rd: San Francisco, CA

An Event Apart:
Monday, October 30th – Wednesday, November 1st: San Francisco, CA

Kiwi Ruby:
Thursday, November 2nd – Friday, November 3rd: Wellington, NZ

AlterConf: Portland:
Saturday, November 4th, Portland, OR

Monday, November 6th – Friday, November 10th: Malmö, Sweden

Thursday, November 9th – Friday November 10th: Denver, CO

AlterConf: San Francisco:
Sunday, November 10th: San Francisco, CA

An Event Apart
Monday, December 11th – Wednesday, December 13th: Denver, CO

Call For Proposals:

Tech Inclusion – Apply Anytime!
.NET/FRINGE/(Travel Expense Reimbursement Opportunities!)
– Closes July 18th
DevOps Days Madison – Closes August 1st
NationJS – Closes August 24th
Keep Ruby Weird – Closes August 27th
Wonder Woman Tech: Washington DC: Closes September 15th
Elixir with Love: Closes October 1st (Travel Assistance Available!)

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