Solving diversity problems, building authentic connections, and keeping it real

One week left until AlterConf NYC! Did I mention I’m bringing surprises with me? If you’re there, please meet up with me!! I’d love to say hi and connect! (One of my surprises would too!)

So far, I will be at the following conferences this year:

Also, this is how I’m feeling this week. Can I get an Amen?


Portlanders! Science Hack Day Portland is partnering with PDX Maker week, and the PSU Maseeh College of Computer Science and Engineering is awesome enough to host their FREE event (including space for a sleep-over!). The dates are September 9-10. They will also have a meet & greet potluck scheduled August 10th at Laurelhurst Park.

The Recurse Center User’s Manual: Like any great Code of Conduct, code retreats should also have clear guidelines of what their program offers and why they are safe spaces to get educated. The “Social Rules” subsection is particularly A+, well-done, and spot on.

Spooler: A tool that turns Twitter threads into blog posts that you can share. Useful for when Sarah Mei shares her notoriously awesome tweet-storms! (Like this one, for example!)


How to solve your diversity problem: A list of tactical solutions: A list of job boards geared specifically towards women and non-binary people. Stephanie Newman gives suggestions to kickstart an effective hiring and retention strategy because harboring diversity IS hard work and we need to be more active in the matter.

The Right Way to Build Authentic Connections: I often worry about doing this right. It’s kind of why up until recently I never carried business cards at conferences. I don’t want to come of as sales-y. I want to be authentic. This is a good guide by Shriya Nevatia of how to make connections (or as I prefer to say, friends), at networking events.

How to Build an Online Presence as a Junior Developer: Personally, I know I got started on Twitter: following people I admired, not being afraid to jump in when I thought I had relevant contributions to conversations, and actually telling people, “Hey, I think you’re really cool!” Sam Jarman gives more helpful advice for people just entering the technology field and how to get people to notice, “Hey! You’re pretty cool too!” My favorite piece of advice is to “keep it real” because, sorry not sorry, no one truly likes a robot.



Greater Than Code Episode 041: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mind Manipulation with Casey Watts! In this episode, sponsored by Upside Travel, Casey Watts talks about cognitive behavioral therapy (aka Crunchy Bacon Tacos) and mind manipulation.

Greater Than Code Episode 042: @CallbackWomen with Carina C. ZonaCarina C. Zona talks about making a difference with her organization, @CallbackWomen, why diversity and inclusion is so important to have at conferences, and sending signals and/or indicators that encourage people to apply to speak at your conference.


Conference Talk of the Week:

This talk is part of our “Favorite Talks” YouTube Playlist. Check it out and subscribe! 

Trust and Teams” by Rebecca Miller-Webster @ DevOpsDays DC, 2017

“Trust is at the core of whether we are happy at work or not. Trust is at the core of whether we like who we work with. Trust is at the core of whether people perceive us to be good at our jobs. But what is trust? How do you know when it’s missing? And how do you fix it when it’s gone. Let’s discuss the elements of trust and the patterns of behavior the (sic) make or break trust.”


Upcoming Events:

All conferences have been screened and abide by clear and strict Codes of Conduct.

Sunday, August 13th – Friday, August 18th: Spokane, Washington

FOSS4G: International Conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial
Monday, August 14th – Saturday, August 19th: Boston, MA

Wonder Woman Tech:
Friday, August 18th – Sunday August 20th: Long Beach, CA

AlterConf: New York City:
Sunday, August 20th: New York, NY

Uptime Conf: by Code & Supply
Thursday, August 24th – Friday, August 25th: Pittsburgh, PA

Wednesday, August 23rd – Saturday, August 26th: Portland, Oregon

AlterConf: Austin:
Saturday, August 26th – Austin, TX 

An Event Apart:
Monday, August 28th – Wednesday, August 30th: Chicago, IL

Full Stack Fest:
Monday, September 4th – Friday, September 8th: Barcelona, Spain

try! Swift: NYC:
Tuesday, September 5th – Wednesday, September 6th: New York City, NY

Pacific Northwest PHP:
Thursday, September 7th – Saturday, September 9th: Seattle, WA

RubyConf: Columbia:
Friday, September 8th – Saturday, September 9th: Medellín, Colombia

DevOpsDays: Chicago:
Tuesday, September 12th – Thursday, September 14th: Chicago, IL

Code(Her) Conference:
Friday, September 15th – Saturday, December 16th: Washington, DC

Monday, September 18th: Sandy, Utah

Twilio: SIGNAL:
Tuesday, September 19th: London, England

Wednesday, September 20th – Friday, September 22nd: Atlanta, GA

DevOpsDays: Kansas City:
Thursday, September 21st – Friday, September 22nd: Kansas City, KS

AlterConf: Melbourne:
Saturday, September 23rd: Melbourne, Australia

DevFest Siberia:
Saturday, September 23rd – Sunday, September 24th: Novosibirsk, Siberia

Demystifying Data Science: A Free Online Conference for Aspiring Data Scientists!
Wednesday, September 27th: Remote

Strange Loop:
Thursday, September 28th – Saturday, September 30th: St. Louis, MO

Friday, September 29th – Saturday, September 30th: Budapest

Friday, October 6th – Sunday, October 8th: New York, NY

Saturday, October 7th – Sunday, October 8th: Raleigh, NC

GDG DevFest Ukraine:
Friday, October 13th – Saturday, October 14th: Lviv, Ukraine

All Things Open:
Monday, October 23rd – Tuesday, October 24th: Raleigh, NC

Monday, October 23rd – Thursday, October 26th: Las Vegas, NV

AlterConf: Atlanta:
Saturday, October 28th: Atlanta, GA

Sunday, October 29th – Friday, November 3rd: San Francisco, CA

An Event Apart:
Monday, October 30th – Wednesday, November 1st: San Francisco, CA

DevOpsDays: Madison:
Monday, October 30th – Tuesday, October 31st: Madison, WI

Kiwi Ruby:
Thursday, November 2nd – Friday, November 3rd: Wellington, NZ

AlterConf: Portland:
Saturday, November 4th, Portland, OR

Monday, November 6th – Friday, November 10th: Malmö, Sweden

Thursday, November 9th – Friday November 10th: Denver, CO

AlterConf: San Francisco:
Sunday, November 10th: San Francisco, CA

An Event Apart
Monday, December 11th – Wednesday, December 13th: Denver, CO

Call For Proposals:

Tech Inclusion – Apply Anytime!
.NET/FRINGE/(Travel Expense Reimbursement Opportunities!)
GraphQL Summit – Closes August 13th (Offers Travel Assistance!) 
NationJS – Closes August 24th
Keep Ruby Weird – Closes August 27th
Nodevember – Closes August 24th
All Things in Moderation – Closes September 15th
Wonder Woman Tech: Washington DC – Closes September 15th
Elixir with Love – Closes October 1st (Travel Assistance Available!)
Midwest PHP – Closes November 20th (Offers Travel Assistance!) 

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