Reclaiming yourself, making development fun, and project management biases

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VanitySec: Where fashion and InfoSec collide: Holy rabbit hole-worthy, Batman. You were warned!


How Reclaiming My Femininity Made Me Feel Powerful: Embracing yourself is what matters. We shouldn’t have to dress a certain way because we think we have to. Dress you for you.

How to suck the fun right out of software development: Don’t be a Debbie Downer when it comes to dev work and make what you’re doing FUN!

Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Working from Home: With the good always comes the bad. What are your pros and cons for working from home vs physically going to the office?

Product management biases (and how to avoid them): #SpoilerAlert! Don’t give into post-purchase rationalization, and confirmation and negativity biases.


Stuff Mom Never Told You: Intersectional Feminism 101: The term “intersectionality” is pretty popular these days. Hosts Emilie Aries & Bridget Todd unpack the origin of this term, why it’s so important, and how we all can bring a more intersectional lens to our feminism.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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People You May Want to Forget” by Theresa Stewart 

“In the Fall of 2016, Facebook Messenger introduced a new phone integration feature. This feature allowed Facebook access to your call logs and text messages to allow them to surface up people you might want to connect with on Messenger–both a blessing and a curse. This gift of integration triggered a PTSD episode when it suggested my rapist as a person I might want to message. As this kind of integration and recommendation becomes common, what is our responsibility as designers and technologists to prepare people for what we might uncover?”

Upcoming Events:

All conferences have been screened and abide by clear and strict Codes of Conduct.

Full Stack Fest:
Monday, September 4th – Friday, September 8th: Barcelona, Spain

Lesbians Who Tech + Allies New York Summit:
Thursday, September 7th – Saturday, September 9th: New York City, NY

try! Swift: NYC:
Tuesday, September 5th – Wednesday, September 6th: New York City, NY

Pacific Northwest PHP:
Thursday, September 7th – Saturday, September 9th: Seattle, WA

RubyConf: Columbia:
Friday, September 8th – Saturday, September 9th: Medellín, Colombia

DevOpsDays: Chicago:
Tuesday, September 12th – Thursday, September 14th: Chicago, IL

REST Fest: (Get 25% Off!)
Thursday, September 14th – Saturday, September 16th: Greenville, SC

Code(Her) Conference:
Friday, September 15th – Saturday, December 16th: Washington, DC

Friday, September 15th – Saturday, December 16th: Portland, OR

Monday, September 18th: Sandy, Utah

Twilio: SIGNAL:
Tuesday, September 19th: London, England

Wednesday, September 20th – Friday, September 22nd: Atlanta, GA

DevOpsDays: Kansas City:
Thursday, September 21st – Friday, September 22nd: Kansas City, KS

AlterConf: Melbourne:
Saturday, September 23rd: Melbourne, Australia

DevFest Siberia:
Saturday, September 23rd – Sunday, September 24th: Novosibirsk, Siberia

Demystifying Data Science: A Free Online Conference for Aspiring Data Scientists!
Wednesday, September 27th: Remote

Strange Loop:
Thursday, September 28th – Saturday, September 30th: St. Louis, MO

Friday, September 29th – Saturday, September 30th: Budapest

Friday, October 6th – Sunday, October 8th: New York, NY

Saturday, October 7th – Sunday, October 8th: Raleigh, NC

Empire Conf:
Thursday, October 12th – Friday, October 13th: New York, NY

GDG DevFest Ukraine:
Friday, October 13th – Saturday, October 14th: Lviv, Ukraine

Catskills Conf:
Friday, October 13th – Sunday, October 15th: The Catskill Mountains in Olivebridge, NY

All Things Open:
Monday, October 23rd – Tuesday, October 24th: Raleigh, NC

Monday, October 23rd – Thursday, October 26th: Las Vegas, NV

GraphQL Summit:
Wednesday, October 25th – Thursday, October 26th: San Francisco, CA

Keep Ruby Weird:
Friday, October 27th: Austin, TX

Friday, October 27th – Saturday, October 28th: Philadelphia, PA

AlterConf: Atlanta:
Saturday, October 28th: Atlanta, GA

Sunday, October 29th – Friday, November 3rd: San Francisco, CA

An Event Apart:
Monday, October 30th – Wednesday, November 1st: San Francisco, CA

DevOpsDays: Madison:
Monday, October 30th – Tuesday, October 31st: Madison, WI

Kiwi Ruby:
Thursday, November 2nd – Friday, November 3rd: Wellington, NZ

AlterConf: Portland:
Saturday, November 4th, Portland, OR

Monday, November 6th – Friday, November 10th: Malmö, Sweden

Thursday, November 9th – Friday November 10th: Denver, CO

AlterConf: San Francisco:
Sunday, November 10th: San Francisco, CA

Data 4 Black Lives:
Friday, November 17th – Sunday, November 19th: MIT: Cambridge, MA

Monday, November 27th – Tuesday, November 28th: Nashville, TN

Friday, December 1st: Washington, DC

An Event Apart
Monday, December 11th – Wednesday, December 13th: Denver, CO

Call For Proposals:

Tech Inclusion – Apply Anytime!
.NET/FRINGE/(Travel Expense Reimbursement Opportunities!)
All Things in Moderation – Closes September 15th
Wonder Woman Tech: Washington DC – Closes September 15th
StarCon – Closes September 17th
Elixir with Love – Closes October 1st (Travel Assistance Available!)
Midwest PHP – Closes November 20th (Offers Travel Assistance!) 

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