Announcing our next book project: Community Event Planning, Second Edition

Cover image of First Edition of Community Event Planning
First Edition of Community Event Planning

In 2013, our podcast host Christie Koehler, fellow technologist Sherri Koehler, and I put together a workbook for a conference workshop we initially called Event Planning for Geeks. We relied on our years of experience planning events like BarCamp Portland, Ignite Portland, open source code sprints, and Open Source Bridge, a conference now going into its 10th year. We then turned our notes into a longer book called Community Event Planning that we published as an ebook in 2014.

Over the next year we’ll be updating the book to create a second edition, with the help of subject matter experts in areas like accessibility and fundraising. We have several years of experience of our own to add, and a first-hand look at how events and communities can change over time. The new edition will include sections on selecting the best talks and activities for your event, budgeting (with examples!), logistics, inclusion, and building your team.

You can help support this project and get early access to the book by backing our Year 3 Kickstarter. We’ll be sending backers who choose the “Community Builder” reward option a copy of the first edition ebook, followed by in-progress updates of each new section. We’re also throwing in a copy of The Responsible Communication Style Guide as a bonus. Thanks for your support! This is going to be a great aid for conference organizers and other community leaders.