Newsletter #31: Criticizing Empathy

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Hello Recompilers,

We’re taking submissions for Issue 11. Contributors are paid because we value your work. Our theme is Love and Romance and our editor, Thursday Bram, is happy to help anyone with their pitches. You can contact her on Twitter or through her website. Please submit your pitches by March 8. Thank you!


Calagator turns 10! If you’re in Portland on March 1, please come celebrate ten years of Calagator (the calendar for Portland’s tech community) and three years of The Recompiler. We’ve got trains!


Net neutrality closer to extinction. The FCC published it’s set of rules for abandoning net neutrality. Lawsuits may be our only hope. Reported by Alina Selyukh for NPR.

Writing a proposal? Rachel Andrew has so many good tips for you gathered from the Global Diversity CFP Day.

Google’s retaliation problem. Google has been known to reprimand or dismiss employees who disparage straight white men. Reported by Kate Conger for Gizmodo.


The Recompiler Podcast Episode 50: We already have many solutions for thatChristie Koehler and Audrey Eschright chat about AMP for Email, the legacy of JP Barlow, and the “House the Spied on Me.”

Popaganda: You Feel Me? New host Soliel Ho (of Racist Sandwich) explores empathy. She interviews tech journalist Rose Eveleth who explains the potentials and pitfalls of empathic VR experiences.

Ardent Development #011: Jerk Programmer to Compassionate Coder with April Wensel Hosts Ron Smith and Derek Hatchard interview April about her past as a jerk programmer, how she came to recognize that her behavior was problematic, and why she started Compassionate Coding to help teams deliver better products more effectively.

Conference Talk of the Week:

Hannah Wei

Empathy is Not Enough- The Design & Content Conference from The Republic of Quality
“Empathy’s a tool. It’s often not enough to have these feel good feelings with our own people in our own meeting rooms. We have to get familiar with people who are outside of our space.”


The Python Software Foundation is looking for bloggers. Please apply by March 1.

Nominations for the Open Source Initiative board close March 2.

The Outreachy internship, for groups traditionally underrepresented in tech, application deadline is March 22.

The deadline for the HashiCorp Diversity Scholarship for HashiDays and HashiConf is April 1 and July 1 respectively.

Upcoming Events:

All conferences have been screened and abide by clear and strict Codes of Conduct.

February 27-28: Portland, OR
Ticket bundle coupon code: hrnewyear

ACT-W National Conference
April 10-13, 2018: Phoenix, AZ

April 17-19, 2018: Pittsburgh, PA

April 24-26, 2018: San Francisco, CA

May 12-13, 2018: NYC

May 21-22, 2018:  Seattle, WA

DevOpsDays Toronto 2018
May 30-31, 2018: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Allied Media Conference
June 14-17, 2018, Detroit, MI

June 21-22, 2018: Atlanta, GA

Call For Proposals:

Core Infrastructure Fund: Closes March 1

!!Con: Closes March 4

jupytercon: Closes March 6

Knight Prototype Fund: Closes March 6

GopherCon 2018: Closes March 15

API the Docs Paris: Closes March 18

Mid-Atlantic Developers Conference: Closes March 31

Pacific NW Software Quality Conference: Closes April 1

PyOhio: Closes May 15

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Lauren Hudgins (@lehudgins) is a freelance digital strategist living and working in cold, rainy Portland, Oregon. Her essay on Comic Sans and the right of people use whatever font makes reading accessible to them was one of the top 20 most read essays on The Establishment for 2017.

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