Newsletter #32: Promoting The Abilities Of Accessibility

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Hello Recompilers,

For just a few more days we’re taking submissions for Issue 11: Love and Romance. Our editor, Thursday Bram, is happy to help anyone with their pitches. You can contact her on Twitter or through her website. Please submit your pitches by March 8. We can’t wait to read your stuff!


Windows in chalk. A teacher in Ghana has been drawing Microsoft Word on the blackboard in a school without computers to help his students pass a national exam required to attend high school. Serious dedication, determination, and ingenuity. Reported by Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu.

Stop being creepy in chats. FreeBSD Project updated its Code of Conduct to include unwanted “simulated physical contact” like “hug” or “backrub” as harassment. [Editor’s note: ick. Thank goodness.] Melanie Ehrenkranz takes a look at the freakout.

Driverless car dystopia. An interactive presentation by Allison Arieff and illustrated by Olalekan Jeyifous on how AV’s might be an empty promise for cities and retain the broken transportation status quo.


The Recompiler Podcast Episode 51: I didn’t realize tweetdecking was a verbChristie Koehler and Audrey Eschright chat about Twitter latest bot purge, infosec lawsuits, what the EFF says activists should keep in mind when using Slack, the magic of calendars, and more.

No You Go: Episode 7: Be Your Full Amazing Self with Sydette Harry Hosts Katel LeDûSara Wachter-Boettcher, and Jenn Lukas explore the joys and perils of visibility, and talk with Sydette Harry, an expert in online communities.

IAP 2018-E1: Aira: Hands-free Assistance for People with Vision Loss: Hosts Mark Miller and Jeremy Curry talk about the Aira service that uses wearable glasses technology and remote assistance to help people with vision disabilities with almost anything.

Conference Talk of the Week:

This talk is part of our “Favorite Talks” YouTube Playlist. Check it out and subscribe! 

Accessibility for People with Invisible Disabilities – Erin Newby – Ela Conf 2017

“We’re closing the gap between ourselves and this perceived otherness we associate accessibility with while designing…. If we include temporary disabilities into our definition of what it means to be disabled, then designing for accessibility is designing for ourselves.”


The Outreachy internship, for groups traditionally underrepresented in tech, application deadline is March 22.

The deadline for the HashiCorp Diversity Scholarship for HashiDays and HashiConf is April 1 and July 1 respectively.

Upcoming Events:

All conferences have been screened and abide by clear and strict Codes of Conduct.

ACT-W National Conference
April 10-13, 2018: Phoenix, AZ

Creative Commons Global Summit
April 13-15: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

April 17-19, 2018: Pittsburgh, PA

April 24-26, 2018: San Francisco, CA

May 12-13, 2018: NYC

May 21-22, 2018:  Seattle, WA

DevOpsDays Toronto 2018
May 30-31, 2018: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Allied Media Conference
June 14-17, 2018, Detroit, MI

June 21-22, 2018: Atlanta, GA

Call For Proposals:

jupytercon: Closes March 6

Knight Prototype Fund: Closes March 6

GopherCon 2018: Closes March 15

API the Docs Paris: Closes March 18

Mid-Atlantic Developers Conference: Closes March 31

Pacific NW Software Quality Conference: Closes April 1

PyOhio: Closes May 15

Do you know an upcoming conference or CFP that should be included? Email leads to us.

Lauren Hudgins (@lehudgins) is a freelance digital strategist living and working in cold, rainy Portland, Oregon. Her essay on Comic Sans and the right of people use whatever font makes reading accessible to them was one of the top 20 most read essays on The Establishment for 2017.

Image credit: Lauren Hudgins, from The Recompiler/Calagator birthday party at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.

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