Newsletter #38: A Facebook that Only Big Brother Could Love

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Hello Recompilers,

We’re still taking pre-orders for the second printing of the  The Responsible Communication Style Guide. Reserve your copy now.

Did you miss Issue 7: Security? Never fear; it’s online here! Or if you want a print copy you can order one.


Sex workers switch to MastodonMegan Farokhmanesh (The Verge) reports that sex workers are migrating to an instance of Mastodon called Switter in the wake of FOSTA.

Creating a calmer internetAmber Case argues for moving away from designing just for efficiency and more for a pleasurable human experience.

Hatred on Facebook costs lives. Sri Lanka shut down Facebook after it was used to organize violence against its Muslim community. Reported by Megha Rajagopalan and Aisha Nazim for Buzzfeed.


Episode 56: Something about Scully’s vibratorChristie Koehler and Audrey Eschright chat about recent autonomous vehicle fatalities, consequences of arbitrary file storage in Bitcoin’s blockchain, the OIG’s report on the FBI’s statements about their iPhone hacking capabilities, and more.

Episode 55: An ouroboros of crappy privacyChristie Koehler and Audrey Eschright chat about Cambridge Analytica, anti-sex trafficking bill SESTA/FOSTA, Google News Initiative and more.

Episode 134: General Assembly: Tech and… Food Part 2: Host Jennifer Leuzzi interviews food tech CEO/Founders (Cheryl Clements/PieShell, Krystle Mobayeni/BentoBox, Deepti Sharma/FoodtoEat) about how our food systems are changing with technology—from farming to production to restaurants and grocery shopping. (Part 1)

Conference Talk of the Week:

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AffectConf 2016 – Kahlief Adams: Gaming Activism & #Spawn4Good

“Start from a place of not knowing. Bring on people you can talk to who know more than you and humble yourself a little bit.”


Applications are open for the Ford-Mozilla fellowships focused on open web activism. Deadline is April 20.

The deadline for the HashiCorp Diversity Scholarship for HashiConf is July 1.

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Lauren Hudgins (@lehudgins) is a freelance digital strategist living and working in cool, rainy Portland, Oregon. Her essay on Comic Sans and the right of people use whatever font makes reading accessible to them was one of the top 20 most read essays on The Establishment for 2017.

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