Newsletter #46: Tech Against ICE

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The final Open Source Bridge is only a week away, on Friday, June 29th, 2018 at the Eliot Center in Portland, OR. Tickets are available on a sliding scale from $10-$100. And be sure to check out the the Indie Web Summit, happening at the Eliot Center Tuesday and Wednesday, June 26–27.

We’re happy to be a community sponsor for Devopsdays Portland 2018 happening from September 11-13. This year we’ll be hearing from Recompiler contributor Heidi Waterhouse on Disaster Resilience The Waffle House Way: Flat-Tops, Feature Flags, And Finite State Machines— along with many other great talks. You can get 20% off your registration with the code RECOMPILERFRIENDS.

If you’ve been waiting to read The Recompiler Issue 8: Wildcard, all articles are now online. Learn how cell networks communicate, what citizen astronomers contributed to understanding Tabby’s Star, and how to get started with web templates in front-end development. We also have just a few more print copies in the shop.



A database of ICE employees was taken down from GitHub and Medium. Artist Sam Lavigne scraped LinkedIn to compile a database of publicly available information about the ostensibly public servants who work at ICE. Only hours after it was posted, both Medium and GitHub took it down, citing policies against doxxing.
(Taylor Hatmaker for TechCrunch)

Male protagonists are still three times as common in video games. Feminist Frequency did its yearly report on videogame demographics, discussing the state of the industry and why representation matters.
(Carolyn Petit and Anita Sarkeesian for Feminist Frequency)

Here are some brief tips about how to vet online fundraisers for immigrant rights. I like the quote I saw recently, “if giving money to support people in need seems too easy, then give so much that it’s not easy anymore.”
(Kaleigh Rogers for Motherboard)


The Recompiler, Episode 64: Now With Tongue Detection
Audrey and Christie chat about Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub, Apple’s WWDC announcements, why you may not want to engage in witness tampering using WhatsApp, and Tesla autopilot’s role in a fatal crash earlier this year.

Arrested DevOps, Episode 108: Theatre Geeks Unite and Tech Over the World
A roundtable discussion of the transition from theatre geek to tech geek. Stories of how people’s background in theatre has informed their career.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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Practical Ghostbusting: Meltdown, Spectre and You

“Spiky DevSecOps princess, ethical hacker” Ian Coldwater sets the record straight about Spectre and Meltdown. Accessible without being dumbed down.


The deadline for the HashiCorp Diversity Scholarship for HashiConf is July 1.

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