Newsletter #52: Accessibility in Space

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The Recompiler is happy to be a community sponsor for Devopsdays Portland 2018 happening from September 11-13. This year we’ll be hearing from Recompiler contributor Heidi Waterhouse on Disaster Resilience The Waffle House Way: Flat-Tops, Feature Flags, And Finite State Machines — along with many other great talks. You can get 20% off your registration with the code RECOMPILERFRIENDS. We also have one ticket to give away to a reader. Enter by August 20.

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There are so many staircases in science fiction. Why are there so many staircases in Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, Star Wars, The Expanse… everything? What are wheelchair users to do?
(Ace Ratcliff for i09)

How can we build drag and drop lists to be more accessible to people who can only use keyboard interfaces? Here’s a module that attempts to solve that problem.
(Harris Schneiderman for Smashing Magazine)

Inmates in Idaho have hacked their tablets to provide themselves with free internet. It’s a bit telling and strange that so many news reports on this case focus on money “stolen” from the price-gouging private prison system. Basically a bunch of inmates figured out how to give themselves free credit.
(Rebecca Boone for Associated Press)


Trash Future: Abolish Silicon Valley feat. Wendy Liu
Wendy Liu talks about how she fell out from Silicon Valley tech-libertarianism and discovered the Left. Plus, she talks about what it means to unionize tech workers.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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Decolonizing Unicode: Can We Type Every Word That’s Ever Been Written?

Aditya Mukerjee at AlterConf Portland 2017 discusses the problems in unicode and how we can actively reverse the effects of colonization in computing.


North Bay Python is looking for proposals, open until August 10.

There’s no call for proposals for REST Fest East 2018, because everyone who comes gets to speak. The unconference is September 26 + 27-29th in Greenville, SC.

!!Con West is looking for volunteers to help organize their first event, which will be in Santa Cruz in early 2019.

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The Diana Initiative 2018
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August 18-22, 2018, Cincinnati, OH

GopherCon 2018
August 27-30, 2018: Denver, CO

Affect Conf
September 6-7, 2018: Portland, OR

DevOps Days Portland 
September 11-13, 2018, Portland, OR

REST Fest East 2018
September 26 + 27-29th, Greenville, SC

State of the Map US
October 5-7, Detroit, MI

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