Newsletter #56: Firefighters for Net Neutrality

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Our call for contributors for Issue 12: Machines and Things is open through September 4. We’re interested in hearing about your experiences with security and the Internet of Things, surveillance and smart devices, humanlike AI, and more. Contributors are paid.

The Recompiler is happy to be a community sponsor for Devopsdays Portland 2018 happening from September 11-13. This year we’ll be hearing from Recompiler contributor Heidi Waterhouse on Disaster Resilience The Waffle House Way: Flat-Tops, Feature Flags, And Finite State Machines — along with many other great talks. You can get 20% off your registration with the code RECOMPILERFRIENDS.


First responders have joined the fight for net neutrality. After Verizon throttled the internet speed of forest firefighters, a group of first responders have put together an open letter to bring back net neutrality.

For one day, access to the otherwise open-source Lerna was revoked from ICE collaboratorsincluding Microsoft. One developer took a stand against software being used by companies that work with ICE, deeply dividing the open-source community. After a day, the changes were reverted and the developer responsible was removed from the Lerna team.
(Daniel Oberhaus for Motherboard)

Alice Goldfuss explains how we accidentally inspire imposter syndrome. Programming is a field full of both self-taught coders and CS majors, and Alice talks about how to work through the sense that we’ll never know as much as the others around us.


Feminist Frequency 41: Hackers, Strange Days, and How to Pronounce Ralph Fiennes. In case you want to hear three tech-savvy women rip into 90s hacker movies.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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Django Against the Dark Arts

Lilly Ryan at PyCon Australia 2018 discusses how to think like Voldemort in order to defend Django sites more effectively.


There’s no call for proposals for REST Fest East 2018, because everyone who comes gets to speak. The unconference is September 26 + 27-29th in Greenville, SC.

ConFoo Montreal call for papers is open until September 24.

PyCascades call for proposals is open until October 21.

PyCaribbean 2019’s call for proposals is open until November 1. Spanish language talks are especially welcome!

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September 11-13, 2018, Portland, OR

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September 26 + 27-29th, Greenville, SC

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October 5-7, Detroit, MI

February 16-17, 2019, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

February 23-24, 2019, Seattle, WA

ConFoo Montreal
March 13-15, 2019, Montreal, Canada

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Image credit: Photo by U.S. Forest Service- Pacific Northwest Region (Public domain)
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