Newsletter #57: Tech Still Won’t Build It

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More and more people are telling job recruiters that they won’t work for unethical companies. Tech workers are figuring out the leverage that they can bring to bear and more and more are publicly refusing contracts in the name of #TechWontBuildIt.
(Caroline O’Donovan for BuzzFeed News)

It’s the “big” in “big tech” that’s the problem. Cory Doctorow discusses what it would take to regulate big tech to break their constitutional monarchy and improve democracy.
(Cory Doctorow for Locus)

Data visualization of Oregon’s air quality over the last 18 years exists. It shows a sharp increase in the past two years, but is otherwise reasonably stable. Personally, I love data visualization just so I have a better sense of what I should and shouldn’t actually worry about.
(Melissa Lewis and David Cansler for Oregon Live)


Recode Decode: The History of Temporary Work
Kara Swisher interviews Louis Hyman about how Silicon Valley has treated workers terribly and treated them as disposable since the 1970s.

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How can Communities Move Forward After Incidents of Sexual Harassment or Assault?

Makenzie Peterson at Black Hat USA 2018 gives an introduction to how to support survivors of sexual assault. You’ll be shocked to know that comments had to be disabled for the video and trolls are trying to downvote the video into oblivion.


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