Newsletter #59: More women history tried to forget

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A woman named Elbertie Foudray ran the “life tables” of the US census between the two world wars. The accomplishments of women are written out of history again and again, but this story celebrates the work of a mathematician and actuary who did work at the highest level.
(Dan Bouk for Census Stories)

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is trying to phase out paper books in order to sell its overpriced e-readers. Citing the flimsiest evidence of drugs smuggled through books, PA is no longer allowing books-to-prisoners programs to send prisoners anything.
(Rob Beschizza for Boing Boing)

Massachusetts State Police accidentally revealed their monitoring of leftist Facebook groups this week. They posted a screenshot to social media about gas leaks but forgot to crop out their bookmarks bar.


Loose Leaf Security: Digital photos and privacy.
Liz Denys and Geoffrey Thomas discuss exif data and some of the various ways our phones are revealing more about ourselves than we might hope.

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Is Wakanda Accessible?

Mallory Thomas at Affect Con 2018 discusses the intersection of black womanhood and disability. A transcript is available.


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Image credit: Photo by unknown, circa 1940 (Public Domain)