Newsletter #65: Google Walked Out

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Thousands of employees, from two-thirds of Google’s offices worldwide, walked out on Thursday in protest of Google’s culture of harassment. The organizers of the walkout explain their seven demands, including better systems for reporting sexual misconduct and a commitment to ending pay inequity.
(by Claire Stapleton, Tanuja Gupta, Meredith Whittaker, Celie O’Neil-Hart, Stephanie Parker, Erica Anderson, and Amr Gaber for The Cut)

Social media bots have been used to amplify anti-semitism. Researchers analyzed millions of tweets in a recent two-week period and discovered a disproportionate amount of antisemitic harassment comes from automated sources.
(David Pescovitz for Boing Boing)

The Economist‘s recent article about overlooks all the work that it actually takes to learn and apply complicated skills like coding for artificial intelligence. Sara Hooker was mentioned briefly as a success story–she took the course and now works at Google on AI. But she’s uncomfortable with how that simplified narrative is, basically, untrue.
(Sara Hooker for Medium)


Pursuit Podcast: Contributing to Open Source
On the twentieth anniversary of open source software, Jessica Rose and VM Brasseur talk about, well, how to contribute to open source software.

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Five Conversations I’m Sick of Having About Diversity

Holly Burton at DevOpsDays Portland 2018 talks about all the missteps people take in their attempts to promote diversity in STEM.


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