Newsletter #68: AI Lie Detectors at the Border

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We’re starting to put Issue 9 online, and you can read one of the first articles now: Progress is a Never-ending Circle, by AC Gillette. And you can get a preview the upcoming Responsible Communication Style Guide supplement by watching editor Thursday Bram’s talk What You Need to Know When Naming a Python Project.


Bots still play an outsized role in spreading fake news on Twitter. A study conducted by Indiana University researchers found that bots are able to overwhelm fact checkers and effectively spread misinformation despite Twitter’s increased efforts to limit automated accounts.
(Jasmin Boyce for NBC News)

The EU is going to implement AI-lie detectors on non-EU citizens planning on crossing the border. The first component is an online one that uses your computer’s own camera as a lie detector as you fill out forms and answer questions. If it doesn’t trust you, then you’ll be subject to increased security at the physical border.
(Cory Doctorow for Boing Boing)

Existing menstrual cups on the market didn’t meet her needs, so one woman invented a better one. Jane Adame has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective-tissue disorder that was preventing her from using her menstrual cup easily. So she teamed up with a designer and made a cup that works for a wide variety of people for whom previous designs didn’t work.
(Rose Eveleth for Motherboard)


Loose Leaf Security: Malware, antivirus, and safe downloads
Liz and Geoffrey discuss what’s wrong with bitlocker, the history of desktop malware, and more.

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Why We Never Get to Web Accessibility 102

Liz Certa talks at RailsConf 2018 about how, while web disability 101 is incredibly useful, it’s been hard to move conversations up to the next level of complexity.


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