Newsletter #81: A Call for More Tech Whistleblowers

Hello Recompilers,

All of Issue 9 is online! This issue focuses on Hard Problems. Articles cover mesh networks, floating point algorithms, leveling up as a developer, and more.

At PyCon 2019, Sumana Harihareswara, a longtime friend of The Recompiler, will be hosting a small arts festival: The Art of Python. Submissions for 5-20 minute plays are open until February 28 and Recompilers are absolutely encouraged to apply.


Fight For the Future has launched a new campaign, It’s a simple guide and call to arms for tech workers to learn how to whistleblow on their workplaces.

Automatic Gender Recognition in facial recognition software is trans and nonbinary erasure. Researcher Os Keyes has done an immense amount of research into how facial recognition software misgenders people and is being used to transphobic ends.
(Matthew Gault for Motherboard)

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are all involved in automating the climate crisis. Despite philanthropy and various claims at being progressive, big tech is heavily involved in providing services, including automation, to fossil fuel infrastructure.
(Brian Merchant for Gizmodo)


Loose Leaf Security: Checks, mobile banking, cash transfer apps, and a bit more on credit cards
Liz and Geoffrey dive into the security of how we spend money.

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Diffractive Optics for Augmented Reality

Kelly Ziqi Peng at Hackaday Supercon 2018 discusses DIY augmented reality optics.

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Image credit: Steven Depolo (CC BY 2.0)