Newsletter #82: Companies Aren’t Reporting their Gender Pay Gap

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All of Issue 9 is online! This issue focuses on Hard Problems. Articles cover mesh networks, floating point algorithms, leveling up as a developer, and more.


Microsoft workers are protesting against the company’s military contract. A group calling itself Microsoft Workers 4 Good has released an open letter against the $479 million contract to sell AR devices to the US military.
(April Glaser for Slate)

Motherboard just published hundreds of pages of documents from its investigation into predictive policing. Find out if your city is using this poorly-implemented technology to lock people into cages.
(Caroline Haskins for Motherboard)

Companies aren’t accurately reporting their gender pay gap in the UK. Some are just filling every field on the form with zeros, and sanctions against companies who fail to report are severely limited.
(Caelainn Barr and Frances Perraudin for The Guardian)


Radio Motherboard: NASA Turns 60
Jason Koebler and Becky Ferreira talk with former NASA chief technologist Mason Peck about, well, NASA. And space.

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Bad Accessibility Happens – That Doesn’t Have to Be The End

Lindsey Dragun at PyCascades 2018 talks about what to do, and what not to do, when you fix bad accessibility.

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