Newsletter #86: Facebook Finally Banned White Nationalism

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All of Issue 9 is online! This issue focuses on Hard Problems. Articles cover mesh networks, floating point algorithms, leveling up as a developer, and more.


Finally, Facebook has decided to treat white nationalism and white separatism the same as white supremacy. Reports from antifascists on Twitter show that white nationalists are already running away from the term as a result.
(Joseph Cox and Jason Koebler for Motherboard)

Medium has verified a letter from an Uber employee in support of the drivers’ strike. The anonymous piece calls for all tech workers to offer their support and show solidarity between all workers.
(Anonymous for Medium)

The European Union passed the anti-free-internet copyright act Article 13 because Swedish MPs pressed the wrong button. Apparently MPs can have the record amended with what they meant to vote for, but their miscast vote is still binding. Article 13 won on a technicality and there’s no legal recourse.
(Cory Doctorow for Boing Boing)


Elles Media Episode 37: Kronda Adair: Stealth Content Strategy
Kronda Adair’s goal is to help mission-driven businesses succeed online, and in this episode she discusses website content strategy with that in mind.

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Harry the Hedgehog Learns You A Communication

Laura Mosher at RubyConf Australia 2019 talks about clear communication, one of the hardest skills to master in software development.

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