Newsletter #89: The Antitrust Case Against Facebook

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All of Issue 9 is online! This issue focuses on Hard Problems. Articles cover mesh networks, floating point algorithms, leveling up as a developer, and more.

We’re also excited to tell you about Write/Speak/Code, a tech conference by and for people from marginalized gender backgrounds. It will take place August 16-18 at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, and the call for proposals is open until May 17.


Amazon Flex drivers have it bad. Like, real bad. The gig economy gouges workers every chance it gets, and Amazon gouges workers every chance it gets, and their combination of the two? Here are some firsthand reports from drivers.
(Hamilton Nolan for Splinter)

White nationalists, banned from social media, are moving to encrypted online spaces and IRL meetups. They seem to like ProtonMail in particular, which ProtonMail is not exactly happy about.
(Ben Makuch and Mack Lamoureux for Motherboard)

Facebook would be considered a monopoly under pre-Reagan monopoly law. A case can be made for how antitrust law could be used to stop the strangehold Facebook has on our society.
(Cory Doctorow and Dina Srinivasan for Boing Boing)


Cyber: How Unicorn Riot Exposes the Far Right Online
Last month, anarchist media outlet Unicorn Riot dumped more than 770,000 internal messages from the neo-nazi group Identity Europa. Cyber talks to one of the Unicorns about their antifascist project.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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Ship of Fools: Shoring Up Kubernetes Security

Ian Coldwater at SANS Secure DevOps Summit 2018 talks about how to secure kubernetes clusters.


Write/Speak/Code‘s call for proposals is open until May 17

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