Newsletter #90: Google Retaliates Against its Workers

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We’re pleased to announce supplements to The Responsible Communications Style Guide! These supplements, Age and Python, are part of our comprehensive resource to help you write and speak to diverse audiences in the most welcoming way.

We also want to draw your attention to Bite Size Networking, a new zine from Julia Evans and the third in her “Bite Size” series. It’s an illustrated introduction to networking principles, aimed at programmers who don’t do networking as their full time job but would like to do it occasionally.


At least two Google employees say they’re facing retaliation for their part in organizing the employee walkout. Meredith Whittaker and Claire Stapleton tell about how they’ve had projects taken from them, been demoted, or even told to go on medical leave despite good health.
(Nitasha Tiku for Wired)

DataCamp instructors are organizing boycotts of their own classes. The company has been dismissive of allegations of sexual misconduct by an executive, so teachers are putting pressure on the company to handle the situation responsibly and publicly.
(Arielle Gordon for Motherboard)

It turns out that if Twitter banned Nazis, they might wind up banning Donald Trump. One employee came forward to admit that if the platform implemented machine learning to detect and ban white nationalists, it would likely catch prominent Republicans. Including the president of the United States.
(Xeni Jardin for Boing Boing)


The Final Straw Radio: Chelsea Manning and Grand Jury Resistance
El and Eli from Chelsea Manning’s support team talk about why Chelsea is in prison and why she is refusing to cooperate with the grand jury.

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Who Broke Prod? Growing a Culture of Blameless Failure

Studies have shown that the most productive teams are those that don’t have to fear blame. Emma Button at DevOpsDays London 2018 discusses how to incorporate these findings.


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