Newsletter #93: Free Chelsea Manning, Again

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Chelsea Manning has gone back to jail, once again without being accused of any crime. The federal whistleblower continues to refuse to cooperate with grand jury proceedings and a new judge has found her in contempt of court and jailed her. This time, they’re adding financial penalties to her as well.
(The Sparrow Project)

San Francisco is the first US city to ban the use of facial recognition software by the police and the government. Study after study have shown how facial recognition primarily targets marginalized communities for additional policing. The ban also prevents the city from getting footage from third parties if that footage makes use of facial recognition.
(Sarah Emerson for Motherboard)

The Yellowhammer Fund helps people in Alabama receive abortions. There are still three clinics operating in the state and this fund helps patients pay for medical costs as well as travel and lodging.
(Xeni Jardin for Boing Boing)


It Could Happen Here: The Second American Civil War
This is the podcast that everyone I know is listening to and talking about right now. In the first episode, veteran conflict journalist Robert Evans breaks down just how likely (or not) a second American Civil War is to break out and what that might look like.

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Integrating Rust into Tor

Isis Lovecruft and Chelsea Komlo at RustConf 2018 talk about the challenges involved in integrating Rust into a 10+ year old security-critical C codebase.


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