Newsletter #94: How to Put Tubman on the Bill Yourself

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You can 3d print this stamp to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. When Trump cancelled the redesign of the $20 bill, artist Dano Wall took matters into his own hands and developed a stamp to replace the pro-slavery Jackson with one of the most powerful warriors in American history.
(Jasmine Weber for Hyperallergic)

The Snapchat workplace has a culture of spying on private customer content. The company also bends over backwards to make it easy for law enforcement to access data by publishing a public guide for LEOs and by maintaining a software tool for mining customer information.
(Joseph Cox for Vice)

The Green New Deal won’t work, and we all know it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything. The Green New Deal has baked into it the illusion that industrial capitalism can continue, emissions free. There are so many reasons why that isn’t the case.
(Jasper Bernes for Commune Mag)


Loose Leaf Security: Two-Factor Tidying
Liz and Geoffrey talk about strategies for keeping your two-factor authentication under control.

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Attracting the Invisible Contributors

Charlotte Mays at PyCon 2019 discusses the common complaints of new contributors to open source projects and how to address them.


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