Newsletter #96: How Not to Look for Hidden Cameras

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The supplements to The Responsible Communications Style Guide are still available! These supplements, Age and Python, are part of our comprehensive resource to help you write and speak to diverse audiences in the most welcoming way.


Here’s an excellent anecdote of how and why paranoia influences our security decisionmaking. Journalist and programmer Melissa Lewis probed her hotel room for hidden cameras and fell into a rabbit hole.
(Melissa Lewis for Medium)

Related, here’s a guide for how you too can check for hidden cameras. Includes common styles and how to scan the network to find them.
(sixfortwelve for sixfortwelve)

The jury is still out on whether dark mode is better for your eyes, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. People with certain conditions, such as astigmatism, often do better reading black text on white screens than the reverse.
(Samantha Cole for Motherboard)


Pursuit Podcast: Mental Health in Tech
Jessica Rose talks with Julia Nguyen about her experiences navigating her mental health within the tech industry.

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The Metaphor of Semaphore: Explaining the Internet

Melissa Lewis at DonutJS 2018 discusses how we can better talk about the internet.


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