Newsletter #97: Machine Learning Credit Scores

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Jeff Bezos and the boys had a mini tech summit and someone decided to photoshop in some women. A dozen men stand in front of an old Italian building in the pages of GQ and two women stand awkwardly, badly photoshopped in their midst.
(Rob Beschizza for Boing Boing)

Machine learning for credit scores will of course discriminate. “Alternative data” is drawn from social media and general surveillance culture, and all available evidence indicates that this will bring out the worst practices of lending institutions.
(Rose Eveleth for Motherboard)

Only 5% of the world’s population speaks English at home, but roughly 50% of the internet is in English. This of course promotes homogenization and, as silicon valley platforms spread to the world, is its own form of cultural imperialism.
(Louise Matsakis for Wired)


Kite Line: Youth and Gender on the Inside, Part One
Ex-prisoner Fable talks about her experiences locked up in Georgia for two years, about how incarceration affects the development of young people. Content warning: frank and somewhat NSFW discussion of life inside prison and mental health.

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What I learned my first year as a full-time programmer

Hilary Stohs Krause at RailsConf 2019 discusses the problems with rockstar programmers, homogeneity, and other topics.


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