Newsletter #98: The Great Horned Teenagers Moral Panic

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That whole “kids have horns on their skulls now because of smart phones” thing is just yet another internet moral panic. Yes, a study determined that a large number of young people have a growth on the base of their skull that appears to be related to bad posture, but the science is far from conclusive about the cause or even the effect.
(Caroline Haskins for Motherboard)

Andrea James is working to map and visualize the anti-trans bias of media outlets. Such work will allow people to put pressure on news sources to address their slant against trans people, but she needs your help to fund the project.
(Andrea James for Boing Boing)

The BADASS Army did some digging to discover why people victim-blame revenge porn victims. Even otherwise “good” people fell into that terrible behavior, so the organization that works to support survivors of revenge porn looked into why.
(Kelsey Bressler for BADASS Army)


It Could Happen Here: The Good Side of the Second American Civil War
It Could Happen Here is the podcast that everyone I know is talking about. In this installment, host Robert Evans discusses the huge body of research that shows that people become more community-oriented and less selfish during crisis, despite media representations to the contrary.

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Musician experiments: I fed a bot my songs…

Dawn Xiana Moon at !!Con 2019 describes how she fed some of her songs to her bot and let it write more.


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