Newsletter #99: How Some Knitters Did Better Than Twitter

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The popular knitter’s forum Ravelry has banned support for Trump in order to make the community more welcome to knitters of marginalized backgrounds. Conservative political values haven’t been blocked, but support for overt white supremacy, like that of the US president, has been.
(Aja Romano for Vox)

In contrast, Twitter has officially decided that politicians can get away with tweets that violate its community standards. Since Trump breaks the rules constantly, Twitter decided to just formally allow him to do it.
(Sarah Emerson for Motherboard)

This week I wrote a piece about disaster fatigue and why so many of us are just sitting around at our computers while concentration camps expand on the US border. Despite my background as an activist, I find myself… waiting. Why? For what? For mass action, probably.
(Margaret Killjoy for Birds Before the Storm)


Loose Leaf Security: Password managers: how they should work and when they didn’t
Liz and Geoffrey discuss password manager extensions in depth.

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We Love Polyhedra! (And So Should You!)

Nat Alison at !!Con 2019 dives into the beauty and math of the tetrahedron, the cube, and of course everyone’s favorite, the triangular hebesphenorotunda.


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This newsletter compiled by Margaret Killjoy (@magpiekilljoy). Margaret is an author, activist, and musician based in Appalachia. Her most recent book series is the Danielle Cain novella series, which starts with The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion.

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