Newsletter #109: Mesh Networks in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong protesters are using mesh networking to evade state surveillance and censorship. Bridgefy is an offline messaging app developed in Mexico that allows protestors to send messages phone-to-phone without relying on cellular service.
(Sophia Wood for Latam List)

Planned obsolescence is a nightmare for internet archivists and for historians more broadly. The capitalist practice of designing products to require replacement is sabotaging our ability to access information.
(Ernie Smith for Motherboard)

The internet archive has a collection of posters from the uprising in Hong Kong. I’m fascinated by political art, from graffiti to graphic design, and these certainly do not disappoint.
(Cory Doctorow for Boing Boing)


Pursuit Podcast: Finding Remote Work
Android developer Moyinoluwa Adeyemi discusses the challenges of finding remote work and what it means to be a developer in Nigeria.

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Shailvi Wakhlu at Write/Speak/Code 2019 talks about the importance of self-advocacy.

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This newsletter compiled by Margaret Killjoy (@magpiekilljoy). Margaret is an author, activist, and musician based in Appalachia. Her most recent book series is the Danielle Cain novella series, which starts with The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion.

Image from the Internet Archive