Newsletter #113: The Tesla is Safe. Its Factories Aren’t.

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The financial industry suffers from its own unique version of the banality of evil. An ex Capital-One worker, Elena Botella, describes how otherwise good people intentionally offered predatory loans to the poorest people in the country. She describes how they defended that contradiction to themselves. It was just problemsolving. Puzzles. An audio version of the article is available as well.
(Elena Botella for The New Republic)

The Tesla is an incredibly safe car. The factories that make it are incredibly dangerous. Elon Musk, the billionaire who calls himself a socialist while breaking unions, routinely cheats OSHA regulations.
(Edward Ongweso Jr for Motherboard)

Brazil, in its zeal to fight against politically motivated hacking, is considering a bill that would give an eight year prison term to anyone vocally supporting such hacks. By redefining terrorism to include computer network violations, the government is considering wildly suppressing free political discussion.
(Veridiana Alimonti for EFF)


Brakeing Down Security: Tracy Maleeff empathy as a service, derbycon discussion
Tracy Maleeff discusses how infosec is a service industry and what that means for those who work in the field.

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Tokio-Trace: Scoped, Structured, Async-Aware Diagnostics

Eliza Weisman at RustConf 2019 discusses Tokio-Trace, a new set of Rust libraries that help log in asynchronous applications.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hiring a development director.

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