Newsletter #115: Women In Space

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The first all-women space walk is underway as I write this. Presumably, by the time you read it, it will already be over. But two women astronauts are making history right now and you can watch their achievement.
(Becky Ferreira for Motherboard)

The far right uses SEO on their own made up terms to push public opinion. By coining terms like “crisis actors” that no one else is using, they are able to game search engines so that results push a hateful worldview.
(Francesca Tripodi for Wired)

Rightwing extremists target white boys online for recruitment. They’re using targeted ads to get the kids started on a dangerous path and then exploiting any punitive responses parents might use.
(Joanna Schroeder for New York Times)


Cyber: Lyft and Uber Are Having a Terrible, Awful, No-Good Time
Journalist Lauren Kaori Gurley discusses how safe–and more importantly, unsafe–poorly-regulated ridesharing has proven to be.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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Webpacker vs Asset Pipeline

Danielle Gordon at RailsConf 2019 discusses what to expect when you use webpacker.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hiring a development director.
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This newsletter compiled by Margaret Killjoy (@magpiekilljoy). Margaret is an author, activist, and musician based in Appalachia. Her most recent book series is the Danielle Cain novella series, which starts with The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion.

Photo by Nasa (Public Domain)