Newsletter #118: The First US Factory Strike Was Led by Women

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Scientists have laid out a six-point plan to address the climate crisis. Those points are: clean energy use, a reduction of short-lived pollutants, natural conservation, promotion of plant-based diets, a rejection of exploitative economic systems, and a sustainable global human population. With that last one, they make it clear they mean reproductive freedom and education.
(William J Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Thomas M Newsome, Phoebe Barnard, and William R Moomaw for BioScience)

The first employee to quit GitHub over ICE contracts speaks out. Sophie Haskins realized that even if her action doesn’t bring about change, she will not work for a company that commits crimes against humanity.
(Lauren Kaori Gurley for Motherboard)

A new all-star game development company will focus on stories of black and brown characters. Veterans of Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Fallout have teamed up to form Brass Lion Entertainment. The first game under development is called Corner Wolves, set in Harlem in the mid-90s.
(Alyssa Mercante for GamesRadar)


Working Class History: The Pawtucket Mill Strike
Did you know that the first factory worker strike in the US was started and run by women? I didn’t. It also succeeded, more or less. Arson was part of why it succeeded, too.

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Non-verbal Accessibility

Ariane at AlterConf London 2017 discusses what she’s learned from working with selective mutism.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hiring a development director.
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